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Whole House Audio

Your Favorite Tunes in your Favorite Rooms

Now you can have jazz playing in the kitchen, classical in the dining room, easy listening on the back porch and oldies in the pool area.

Tap into your playlist from anywhere in the house via convenient control keypads. So whether you're entertaining a large dinner party or just spending some alone time, a whole house audio system is a must.


Music to your Ears

Our Authorized Integrators offer a variety of multi-room audio packages designed to meet your budget and deliver crystal-clear sound throughout your entire home.

Our systems allow listeners to spend more time relaxing, and less time hassling with complicated stereo systems. Controlling what plays over which speakers can be controlled from user-friendly interfaces.


Speakers that Rock!

Often times, the outdoor living area is a source of entertainment and a chosen location for audio.  To fit with the scenery, choose from various landscape speakers.

Yes, this rock to the right is actually a speaker and a good one too! Guests will surely be impressed with your rockin' audio system and want to ask who installed it for you.  (of course that "who" being one of AiNHT Authorized Integrators) 



Whole-home audio systems from Legrand provide access and control for all your favorite music, anywhere and everywhere you want it. Fill any house with a limitless gallery of music, always distributed with pristine clarity and ample power, through a Legrand whole home audio system. Engineered by music-lovers, for music-lovers, each system promises high-fidelity audio, whether from a newly discovered Internet Radio station or a personal collection of favorite tunes, delivered with precision to anywhere, and everywhere, in a home.