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    An AiN Home Technology dealer
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    increasing your profits
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    12 month warranty
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Welcome to the only national builder program that offers true national coverage

The AiN Home Technologies National Builder Program takes our dealer network to the next level. Large scale projects undertaken by national and regional builders offer economy and expanded opportunities to grow your business. But doing business with sophisticated national and regional builders requires a refined arrangement that involves the highest performance standards, one-stop shopping, and a contracting process that is easy for the builder to administer. The AiN Home Technologies National Builder Program through AiN Group provides these important aspects to national and regional builders in a cohesive and convenient manner.


I have been a part of many programs and associations through out my 37 years in this industry. Without any doubt, theā€¦

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    • Exclusive awarding of business without the expensive costs associated with trying to sign large nationally-known and regional builders.
    • Standard Structured Wiring and Security System installation work for each and every new home buyer.
    • The opportunity to meet face-to-face with each and every new home buyer.
    • AiN Home Technologies National Builder Program brand positioning and marketing support, including magazine ads, a dedicated web site, and an easy-sell customized home buyer selection process.
    • AiN Home Technologies National Builder Program participation in key industry events such as the NAHB, International Builders Show, and TecHome Builder Summit.
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Program Coverage

With more than 225+ Approved AiN Home Technologies Authorized Dealer Locations for national coverage you can be guaranteed the same quality and program in every state in every home you build.